image of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Hon. Col. Jamie Massie



100 years of service.

In a nod to soldiers who trained at Canadian Forces Base Borden 100 years ago, sacred soil from Vimy Ridge has made its way back to honour their sacrifice.

The soil is contained in a bronze urn, which was placed inside the Borden Legacy Monument unveiled on June 9, 2016 by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Hon. Col. Jamie Massie.

Hon. Col. Jamie Massie spearheaded a group of local Barrie business owners and residents in completing the near 10-year project to completion in CFB Borden’s centennial anniversary.

“Vimy Ridge was the place where (the soldiers’) journey would end almost a Century ago,” Massie said during the military ceremony. “Battlefield soil, symbolically representing the blood of the wounded soldiers, was removed at Vimy Ridge, patriated to Canada and is here today.”

The wall itself was created by Hillsdale artist Marlene Hilton Moore and includes an inscription of words Gen. Sir Arthur Currie said to the troops:

“To those of you who fall, I say, you will not die but step into immortality. Your mothers will not lament your fate, but will be proud to have borned such sons. Your names will be revered forever and ever by your grateful country and God will take you onto himself.”


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